Refill Minutes

Your MightyCall subscription includes practically unlimited (subject to the Fair Use Policy) talk minutes for calls to/from phone numbers in the United States and Canada monthly. Calls to international phone numbers or calls to domestic numbers after reaching the monthly limit are paid extra, with the so-called refill minutes.

You can add refill minutes in your Account Summary section. The minimum purchase amount is $5.

How you are charged

Talk minutes included in the plan are deducted when:

  • Someone calls your business number(s) and listens to your greeting;
  • A caller listens to any on-hold messages or voicemail greetings;
  • A caller leaves a voicemail;
  • You receive incoming calls;
  • You make outgoing calls via your webphone or MightyCall mobile app.

Your refill minutes are deducted when:

  • You make/receive an international call via MightyCall;
  • An incoming call to your business number is forwarded to an international number;
  • You exceed the monthly talk minutes limit on your plan.

Unused minutes on your plan do not carry over to the next billing cycle, but any balance of your refill minutes does.

Call limitations

You won’t be able to make a call in the following situations:

  • You reached your limit of talk minutes.
  • Your refill minutes balance is 0.

If someone calls your business number(s) in either situation, callers will hear the following voice messages, “I’m sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable” and “Please leave your message after the tone.” The callers will then be redirected to your voicemail. The caller will hear the same message if you have run out of your talk/refill minutes during a call.

However, if you try to make a call, you will hear a different message, “Your balance has insufficient funds and the call cannot be placed.” This call will then be disconnected. In addition, you will not be able to record greetings via phone if you have reached your limit of talk & refill minutes.

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